Job’s for America’s Graduates (JAG) is a school-to-career program with a mission to keep young people in school through graduation.  JAG helps students complete diploma or HSE (GED) requirements, enter into post-secondary education, obtain job-related skills, and remain employed full-time after graduation.


At Merit, some of the services JAG provides include: mentoring, guidance and counseling; leadership development; job shadowing; job/internship placement services; summer employment opportunities; college visits.  JAG instruction includes both classroom instruction and outside activities. School credits can be earned through this training program.



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JAG Indiana: Giving young people the opportunity to transition from the classroom to the workforce after graduation. 

Award Winners

Merit JAG students have won numerous regional and state awards awards since our program started. Individual honors from the 2015 Regional Career Development Conference (CDC) include: Runner-up JAG banner and 1st place Financial Literacy.

2014to15 JAG regionalMerit is again very well represented, and successful, at both the Regional and State CDC conferences.

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