• Much of the curriculum at Merit is computer-based and is self-paced.
  • Most classes have online and offline components that must be completed before a credit can be earned.
  • Apex Learning, which is a mastery-based system, provides the majority of the online curriculum for the courses offered at Merit.
    • If students fail to master a section of a particular course (by receiving an 80% or higher score), they are required to review the material and try again until they can demonstrate mastery.


Course Offerings

  • Merit offers courses that allow the student to earn either a Regular or Core 40 Diploma.
  • Merit offers seniors the possibility to earn a work-study credit through the ICE program (see the Handbook: Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education for more details, p.9).  Student Handbook (similar but not current)
  • Students generally work on 1–2 courses at any one time.
    • When a course is complete, students will be given the next logical class.
    • Courses needed are assigned by the counselor at the students’ sending high school.

Credits and Graduation

Each sending school follows similar guidelines:

  • All credits earned at Merit are added to the students’ official transcripts at their home high school.
  • If a student earns an A in a course a Merit – that course will appear as an A on the student’s transcript.
  • Students do not graduate from Merit – students earn a diploma from their sending high school.
  • Each sending school welcomes students who have completed their graduation requirements at Merit to participate in the graduation ceremonies at its school.